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  Orthodox Christian Advocacy Institute (OCAI): "Letter to B92".

Bishop Artemije: "Orthodoxy and new challenges facing us".

Bishop Artemije: It is unacceptable that our churches should be protected by those who tried to destroy them.

Analysis: Double Standards for Kosovo (Serbia-Albania).

Analysis: Kosovo: Historical Distortions and Current Status (March 8, 2009).

Video: Suffering of Srbs in Kosovo.

Kosovo suffering.

"... The Lord has shown us that there is no Resurrection without death, nor Easter without Good Friday.” This is a source of hope and consolation for us, because it assures us that our suffering and our Calvary will end in the resurrection of our entire people, its renewal and its spiritual rebirth. In this way, we shall in the truest sense experience personally the words of Christ from His hierarchic prayer: “Father, I want my servant also to be where I am…”
Bishop Artemije, Easter message
“Kosovo is not, nor has it ever been, the cause of suffering ‘of the entire nation.’ It has rather always been and meant the salvation of the entire nation. And so it is today. Those for whom only worldly criteria exist say that Kosovo led us into five centuries of slavery under the Turks and was therefore the cause of the suffering ‘of the entire nation.’ Others for whom also other, spiritual, criteria exist say that Kosovo gave us the strength to endure the five centuries of Turkish slavery and live to see the sun of freedom rise again in Kosovo and shed its light upon us. These two ways of looking at Kosovo exist also today. Kosovo does not, nor will ever have a price. For this reason, neither the present generation nor any future generation can have the right to renounce its Kosovo for the sake of ‘a better life.’ If any generation were to do this, instead gaining ‘a better life’ it would die a spiritual death from which there is no resurrection…”
Bishop Artemije, interview for 'Glas Javnosti'

Your eyes were gouged out, oh beautiful image,
On a pilaster at approach of night,
Knowing that no one would witness the pillage
An Albanian’s knife robbed you of your sight.

But neither your mouth, nor your noble face
To desecrate with his hand did he dare,
Or touch your golden crown, or queenly lace
Beneath which lay your luxuriant hair.

Now in the church upon the stone pilaster
Serenely bearing your tormented plight
Dressed in the robes of mosaic and luster
I see you sad, and dignified, and white.

Like stars extinguished in the distant past,
Which yet transmit to men the far-off glow
So that men see the light, the hue, the cast
Of stars lost to sight a long time ago,

Today upon me from your royal height,
From that antique stone covered all in grime,
Oh, sad Simonida, shines down the light
Of eyes gouged sightless in another time.

Milan Rakić ( Translated by Kosara Gavrilović )
Песни родной Сербии
The Byzantine Forum: on the removal of Bishop Artemije

From this American orthodox forum reader will clearly see where the justice is. Please, click on Source Link....

Ilarion: Russian Church will always stand by SPC

Head of the Moscow Patriarchate Department for External Church Relations Archbishop Hilarion of Volokolamsk stated after his visit to the Eparchy of R...

Theological dialogue with the Roman Catholics

A new session of the Joint International Commission for the Theological Dialogue between the Roman Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church is to begin...

Announcements of the Diocese and texts about Kosovo-Metohija Photo Service
13. February 2010. 20:06
The Byzantine Forum: on the removal of Bishop Artemije

From this American orthodox forum reader will clearly see where the justice is. Please, click on Source Link.

19. April 2009. 22:31
Easter in Gračanica

His Grace Artemije, Bishop of Ras-Prizren, conducted the pontifical services of Paschal Matins and Liturgy in the Monastery Gračanica. The services, which began at midnight with the Resurrection Procession around the church, were attended by a record number of faithful who had come...

22. December 2009. 19:36
Bishop Artemije: «A simple story, yet profoundly sensible!»

For a demon the most frightful thing is to be alone. He wants a company of a man, he wants to be in a man - it is his kind of paradise. «If you cast us out of this man, don't send us away into nowhere where we will be alone, where we will bite and nibble each other...

17. April 2009. 12:48
Great and HolyThursday - Gračanica

His Grace Artemije, Bishop of Ras-Prizren, officiated on Great and Holy Thursday in Gračanica monastery. During the service twelve Gospels relating the Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ were read...

15. December 2009. 16:34
CALL FOR HELP to the Serbian Orthodox Diocese of Ras-Prizren and Kosovo-Metohija

The Diocese of Ras-Prizren and Kosovo-Metohija is forced to turn to the Serbian people in Serbia and Serbian diaspora to ask for help. Years of living and working under existing conditions have left the Diocese drained of resources necessary for achieving its basic goals...

17. March 2009. 05:18
Memorial Services for the Serbs killed in the Pogrom of 2004

Today at noon all churches and monasteries in Kosovo-Metohija held memorial services for the Serbs killed in the Pogrom of March 2004. His Grace Artemije, Bishoip of Ras-Prizren officiated...

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Other News
05. May 2009. 06:36
US Capital Commemorates Victims of Jasenovac Death Camp

On May 5, 2009, Washington, D.C.’s City Council passed a resolution recognizing April 22 as the Nation’s Capital Jasenovac Day. The Resolution, prepared by RAS, The International Serbian Organization, and sponsored by the Chairman of the City Councill, is to educate the residents ...

04. May 2009. 04:02
Amnesty International will continue to press NATO

Amnesty International will continue with its efforts to find mechanisms that will make it possible for NATO to answer for the bombing of the Serbian Radio Television (RTS) building, since not a single body in the world has jurisdiction over this most powerful military alliance on the planet...

16. April 2009. 05:03
Is Serbia on the chopping block again?

When Canada Post, a Canadian Government corporation, listed Serbia’s northern province of Vojvodina as a separate country, it must have been just delivering a message from the Canadian Government. The post office does not create foreign policy, it just obeys government orders. It had to be somebody else’s idea...

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